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piles Symptoms and treatment

 Symptoms, causes, home remedies and prevention of piles:


Piles are also called Piles or Hemorrhoids. Piles is a disease that is extremely painful. In this, swelling comes in and out of the anus and lower part of the rectum. Because of this, warts are formed inside and outside the anus, or at any one place. Warts sometimes stay inside, sometimes they come out. About 60 per cent of the people suffer from hemorrhoids at some stage of their age. It is very important to get the patient treated with Piles Treatment at the right time. If the hemorrhoids are not treated on time, the problem increases considerably.

It is also a genetic problem. If someone in the family has had this problem, then there is a possibility of it happening to the other person. When it is very old, it takes the form of fistula which is also called Fistula. There is helpless irritation and pain in it.

Types of piles:

There are two types of piles, which are:

 External piles: 

 There is no pain in bloody piles. It bleeds while bowing. There are warts inside the anus. During the bowel movement, the blood drips with the stool a little, or comes as an atrophy. After passing stool, the warts go inside themselves. In severe state, it does not go in even after pressing with the hand. Get this type of hemorrhoids treated immediately.

Internal Piles:

Stomach problems are more common in blind piles. Constipation and gas problems persist. There is no bleeding in its warts. These warts can be easily seen outside. It causes frequent itching and burning. They do not cause discomfort in the initial stage, but they swell due to unhealthy eating and constipation. Blood accumulates in them, and becomes inflamed.

There is also unbearable pain in it, and the patient begins to wrench with pain. The patient continues to have pain while defecating, and even after. He is unable to walk in a healthy manner, and also feels difficulty in sitting. This problem is cured by getting treatment.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids:

Many times, if the hemorrhoids have not reached a critical stage, it is cured on its own in 4-5 days, but these symptoms can be seen when the disease progresses

There is a hard lump-like feeling around the anus. 

•There is pain in it, and blood can also come. 

•Feeling of not having a clean stomach even after defecation. 

•Red glowing blood with burning sensation during defecation. 

•Extreme pain during defecation.

• Itching, and redness, and swelling around the anus. 

•Mucus arrives during defecation. Willingness to pass the stool again and again, but do not pass stools while giving up. 

•Do not ignore these symptoms at all. Go to the doctor as soon as possible and get Piles treated.

piles or Hemorrhoids Causes :

It is caused by the contamination of the three doshas, ​​pitta and phlegm. Hence it is called Tridoshaj disease. Hemorrhoids that have the predominance of vata or phlegm are dry haemorrhoids. Therefore there is no secretion from the meatus. The haemorrhoids which have the predominance of blood or bile or hepatitis are humid haemorrhoids. It contains bleeding. Pain is more in dry haemorrhoids. In some people this disease is seen from generation to generation, but in some people it is also due to other reasons, which are:

•Some people have to stand for hours due to their employment, such as bus conductor, traffic police etc. Along with this, those who have to lift heavy weights. These people are more likely to suffer from hemorrhoids.

•Constipation is also a major cause of hemorrhoids. In constipation, the stool is dry and hard, due to which the person has difficulty in bowel movement. One has to sit up and down for a long time. For this reason, there is an emphasis on the blood vessels there, and it swells and hangs, which is called the wart.

•Eating more fried and chili-spicy food.

• Not having defecation properly Do not consume fiber-rich food. 

•In women, there is a risk of hemorrhoids due to pressure on the anus during delivery. 

•Laziness or reduced physical activity. •Smoking and alcohol consumption. Depression

Difference between Piles and Fistula:

•In hemorrhoids, there is swelling of the blood vessels of the anus and the lower part of the rectum. This is due to prolonged constipation and excessive sitting in defecation.

•Apart from this, there is a risk of obesity or pregnant women. In this, warts are formed in the anus or rectum, from which they bleed, and pain occurs.

•There are no moles in the clitoris. A wound tube is formed in the abscess, which is the internal opening and outside of the anus. 

•external opening is in the skin.

•Bhagandar occurs in those who have an abscess near the anus. Many pimples are formed in the boils. In such a situation, if the patient molests him, it becomes a catastrophe. Blood and pus comes out of it continuously. In the initial stage it contains less amount of pus and blood.

 •Therefore, it only stains in the patient's clothes. Gradually the leakage increases, and the patient begins to itch, restlessness and pain.

Treatment of hemorrhoids using aloe vera:

aloe vera Piles home remedies

The aloe vera's anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties reduce the irritation of hemorrhoids, and do not cause constipation. It is beneficial in treating both internal and external types of piles. Apply aloe vera gel to warts outside the anus. It calms the burning and itching. Eat 200-250 grams of pulp of aloe vera. This will not cause constipation  and will ease bowel movements.

Beneficial apple vinegar in piles:

Apple vinegar helps shrink blood vessels due to its astringent properties. Drink a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water in bloody piles and drink it twice a day. Soak cotton swabs in apple cider vinegar and keep it in the anus. This will give relief from burning and itching.

Apple cider vinegar

Use of olive oil for the treatment of hemorrhoids:

Olive oil has inflammatory healing properties. It reduces inflammation in the blood vessels. Apply olive oil on warts of blind piles.

olive oil

Beneficial almond oil in piles:

Dip cotton in pure almond oil, and apply it on warts in external piles. It reduces inflammation and irritation.

Almond oil

Benefits in piles using coconut:

Burn ash of coconut coats to make ashes or ashes. Mix it in fresh whey and drink regularly on an empty stomach in the morning.

Eating fig benefits in hemorrhoids disease:

Soak three figs in a glass of water. Drink this water on an empty stomach in the morning, after consuming it.

coconut oil for piles

Use of cumin seeds for home remedies of hemorrhoids:

cumins seeds

Grind cumin seeds with water and apply it on the piles. Apply it on warts. Toast cumin in bloody piles and grind it with sugar candy. Take 1-2 grams of it with whey 2-3 times a day.

Home remedy for piles using lemon:

Mix ginger and honey in lemon juice and eat it. This benefits Piles.

lemon juice

Piles home remedies with papaya:

Eat papaya at dinner. This will not cause constipation. This will not cause pain at the time of defecation.


Use of hot water gives immediate relief in piles pain:

Put hot water in the bath (Sitz bath) and sit for 10-15 minutes. It is the best treatment to get relief from pain, pain and burning piles.

Your food for piles:

Eat a diet that is high in fiber, such as fibrous fruits and vegetables. Drink 7-8 glasses of water daily. Eat buttermilk regularly in food.

Lifestyle for hemorrhoids:

Exercise regularly . 

Do not sit in one place for much longer.

Avoid This: 

If you have treatment of piles or are suffering from hemorrhoids, then it is very important to avoid these things: -

 junk food 

Do not consume food with fried and roasted peppers and spices.

Piles related questions and answers:

I'm suffering from tuberculosis lymph nodes but at the same time I have piles also if I eat meat than my piles become larger What should I eat what not to eat

Ans: You Suffering from tuberculosis lymph nodes so I suggest you that meat is not good for you don't eat meat and Unhealthy Food like Junk food 

Capsule used as anal suppository for Testament for piles


dulcolax Bisacodyl 10 mg 

can piles causes cancer 

Ans: Not a chance 

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