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How To gain weight In easy way


How to gain weight

Friends! How important it is for us to remain fit in today's times. You know this thing. Today many people are falling prey to fatty and they are very upset due to obesity and are engaged to do Weight loss .
The other aspect of this is also that today many people are also upset with low confidence.
Gain weight by easy way step by step
You must have seen many such boys and girls who are so weak physically (Weak) in their youth that they feel as if they would not get anything to eat.

Any youth, whether it is a girl or a boy, must have some weight in the body at the age of this youth. Otherwise, what is the use of such youth and youthful enthusiasm? Keep in mind that low weight cannot attract anyone to you.

In Ayurveda a person is said to be underweight or lean  whose body's veins are visible, only bones are seen in the body and the person who gets tired quickly while working and the person's buttocks. , The stomach and cervix are dry. But leanness is not a disease, rather leanness is due to the food, diet time and carelessness of a person.

Side-effects or effects of underweight or thinness:

*Low weight causes inferiority complex in the mind which is harmful for our personal development.
* Always stays in Tanav due to thinness.
* Due to low weight, people are reluctant to move between people.
* Due to low weight, the person has difficulty in the job of physical labor.
*A person cannot wear clothes that he / she wants to wear due to low weight.
* A person is cut off from friends, family and society due to low weight and becomes introverted.
* Low weight person has a great weakness for Persanlty.
*The biggest thing is that a person's self-confidence decreases so much that he is not able to face anyone.
* Underweight develops negative thinking in a person and he also becomes mentally disturbed.

Reasons For Being Underweight 

The main reason for leanness is some heredity, then somewhere a person should not take nutritious food and the digestive system is not well. If your digestive system is not well, then it will not allow the necessary nutritions to your body to get nutrients into your body. Let us know the reasons for thinness

*Being underweight due to heredity.
* Do not take balanced diet according to physical exertion.
* No interest in food.
* Continuation of diseases like indigestion, chronic diarrhea, sprue.
* Improper digestion
*A person becomes lean due to mental, emotional stress, anxiety. Unbalance of hormones in the body.
* Exercise too much.
* Taking very small amounts of nutritious food.
* Do not eat at the right time.
* To keep fast or fast more. Worms in the intestines.
*Diseases in the body- diabetes, insomnia, liver, diarrhea, tuberculosis, cancer, anemia and constipation etc.

  you suffer from thinness. How to know this?

Now if you want to increase your weight, then you must check whether your weight is correct or you are lean or normal, then for this you can get the Body Mass Index B.M.I. Can be used. In this method, weight is extracted by the ratio of age and length.

Under 18.5 - Underweight 18.5 to 25 - Normal Weight 25 to 29.9 - Overweight Over 30 - very overweight (Obese)

B.M.I. of 18.5 to 25 in general. The situation is considered good, so keep in mind that you also keep your weight in the middle of it.


easy way to gain weight

Thyroid gland plays a major role in weight gain of a person. The person whose this book is small and weak, the person who is weak will be the same, whose body will be strong, it will be overweight and fat-strong.
To get fat, it is important that you eat food that has a very high calorie content. Protein, minerals, fats and carbohydrates should be included in your diet to gain weight.

Tips to gain weight How to Increase

☆Take complete and deep sleep

Just as food and water are necessary for our life, in the same way, it is also very important for us to get enough sleep. Be sure to get at least 8 hours of deep sleep every day. By getting good sleep, new cells are formed in our body and old cells are transformed into new cells. To get a good sleep, go to sleep immediately after having dinner and wake up early in the morning. So start sleeping deeply.

☆Exercise :

You must know how beneficial exercise is for us. By exercising, the amount of calories present in our body gets divided in the right part of our body, which does not increase the fat of the stomach.
By exercising, cholesterol and body muscles also increase well, hunger opens, due to which food is also well digested and the body becomes strong. You can adopt these exercise measures - doing yoga, pranayama, putting up push-ups, putting on sit-ups, punishing or playing any sports like playing badminton, playing cricket or playing football etc.

☆Use daily massages:

Include massage in your daily routine to make your body strong. It transmits blood circulation properly in our body, which gives proper nutrition to the muscles and the body is well developed. You can use mustard oil, coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil for massage.
☆Drink more water:
Water is very beneficial for our health. So drink more than 2 liters of water daily. This removes poisonous substances present in the body and digestion of food also takes place well. Water maintains agility in our body, due to which we do not feel weakness while working or exercising.

☆Avoid stress:

Stress is the root cause of many diseases because when a person is under stress, he is unable to pay attention to his body, as a result of which many diseases surround him. You should note that your weight cannot be increased until you are away from stress and you are happy. Therefore, if you want to get fat, then remove anxiety, tension and tension from your life and learn to be happy, which is an invaluable thing in our life.

☆Adopted Good Habit:

Always keep in mind that the nutritious quality of food is more important than the quantity of food. Always chew the food and eat it by chewing. Do not eat while watching TV, lying down or reading the newspaper. It does not cause food in the body. Do not drink tea or coffee right after eating, because the food is not digested properly and it becomes poisonous. The most important thing is to always eat food with a happy heart so that it will digest well.

☆Abstain From:

Many people unnecessarily consume those things which are not beneficial for them. Do not eat something that you do not digest properly. If you do not like oily food or you do not like nonveg food, do not use it forcefully. This can affect your body. If consuming them makes your health worse then it is very difficult to recreate that health.

☆Do not consume junk food :

Many people consume Junk food in order to increase their weight quickly, which makes them a patient of many diseases. Junk food increases weight but at the same time it also spoils your digestive system and due to this, sugar and heart related diseases also arise.

☆Do not use medicines :

Many youngsters use shortcuts to increase their weight and use many medicines to increase weight. The use of medicine creates many problems for you in the future and it also has many side-effects.
For example- I have a friend who bought medicines to increase his weight a lot. In a few days, her cheeks came out much earlier than before and belly flop came out but its side-effect was that rash emerged in her whole body which was quite painfull for her.
Therefore, always increase your weight in the natural way and nutritious food should be used instead of medicines which claim to increase weight, which is also better for health.

To increase your weight, you must include the following nutritious foods in your diet:

Eat Potatoes:

Potato is most helpfull in weight gain. Potatoes contain weight gain properties which include fats, calories and fiber. Therefore, potatoes should be eaten in excessive amounts.

Dairy Products :

You should use dairy products such as milk, yogurt, butter and cheese etc. to increase weight. Milk contains high amount of fat, calcium and vitamins. Protein is found in yogurt excessively due to which it feels full for a long time. Eating yogurt daily causes weight gain.

Eat Meat :

If you are a non-vegetarian then you can eat eggs, fish and meat. They are an excellent source of protein and fat. Apart from this, it builds muscle and repairs the cells of the body, but excessive intake of carnivore increases the cholesterol, which can cause many diseases.

Use Vegetables :

If you do not eat meat, you can take vegetables. These mainly include pulses, soybeans, rajma, paneer etc.
Take Rich Diet:
To increase weight, you should take small meals 5 to 6 times a day instead of taking large meals. Keep the meal time continuously mainten. Take breakfast in plenty in the morning and also have lunch and dinner on time.

Eat  food (Healthy Diet):

Always include nutritious food in food. In which you can take butter, fruits, green vegetables, ghee, curd, juices, jaggery, dry fruits, salads etc. This substance gives a lot of energy to the body. By eating such food continuously, the thinness is removed which causes you to become fat and it brings color to your face, which increases your confidence. Keep in mind that you should stay away from junk food in the name of food.

Snacks are required:

You will know the benefits of taking snacks. This will help you get fat and make both your body and mind healthy. You can have snacks in between your meals like sandwich, biscuits, samosas, dry fruits etc.

Eat fruits: 

You can take fruits like banana, papaya, melon, watermelon, pomegranate, apple, mango, seasonal carrot, tomato, seasonal fruit, orange etc. to increase your weight. These fruits contain vitamins, minerals, energy and nutrients. Apart from this, these fruits also remove the weakness and weakness of the body.

Dry Fruits:

 To increase your body weight, you should eat almonds, raisins, figs, cashews, pistachios and peanuts etc. It contains fats, carbohydrates and nutrients. 

Take Honey: 

Honey gives great benefit in increasing weight. So you can have honey

Ayurvedic medicines will increase your weight: 

According to Ayurveda, nutritious food, non-worrying and good and deep sleep daily, makes a person with strong, strong and strong body. By taking Ayurvedic medicines, you get quickness in your body, full strength, vigor and power to fight against diseases of the body. Keep in mind that the use of Ayurvedic medicines should be taken only by the opinion of the doctor.

Major Ayurvedic medicines that help in weight gain:


 There is a lot of energy in Chyawanprash. By consuming it with milk or juice, it affects very quickly and rapidly and makes our body strong. 


 Ashwagandha gives strength to our body, reduces strech and also strengthens our digestive system.


Ginger is easily available to us. It helps us to get rid of the problem of blood circulation, loss of appetite, indigestion and flatulence along with weight gain.


 It is bitter in food, but it increases weight rapidly and at the same time it is beneficial for stomach and gas problems as well. 

Apart from this, you can also use Yashtimadhu and Satwari kalpa which is effective in increasing our obesity.

Contact a doctor: 

If after doing these things with full intensity, your weight does not increase, but it is decreasing, then contact your doctor and checkup your whole body, it will be known that your low weight will be due to some disease. The reason is not there. If this happens, take the medicine according to the doctor's instructions.

Now what you need to do: 

Friends! Weight gain is not a rocket science which is difficult for you, but if the right routine and the right food are adopted, it will easily give you better results very quickly. All you have to do is to follow all the tips and steps mentioned above in your daily life with full dedication and dedication. If you want to get physically strong and lean, then you will have to do all this.

Keep in mind that in order to do something new, we think in mind that I have to do it from today but after a few days we come back to our old things. Therefore, I advise you not to change your sehedule until you can get rid of it completely.

If even then, even after adopting these things, you feel that I am not getting any benifit from these things, then please consult the doctar. If you want to give us some information related to this article or if you want to ask something, then do let us know by commenting.

All The Best! I hope you have liked this article.

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