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Combiflam Tablet

 Combiflam Tablet: uses, disadvantages, dosage, benefits, components, side effects, price | Combiflam Tablet

Combiflam Tablet

Composition::  Ibuprofen (400mg) + Paracetamol (325mg)

What is Combiflam Tablet?

Combiflam Tablet is easily one of the most popular medicines offered by any medical store as a pain reliever. This medicine is used in general pain, fever and inflammatory pain, fever and generalized pain.

It is a pain reliever as well as a drug with good NSAIDs properties, which is used for some major problems like muscle pain, pain during periods, back pain, shoulder pain, back pain, toothache, joint pain, arthritis, cramps Etc. are also done in the prevention of all. Its company is Sanofi India Limited.

paracetamol tab

Use of this medicine should be avoided in cases of allergy, kidney failure and heart related problems. 

Combiflam is a schedule-H class medicine, which requires doctor's advice before use.

Combiflam Tablet Composition - Combiflam Tablet Composition

Combiflam Tablet contains the following amounts stated as ingredient, which makes it effective.

Ibuprofen (400mg) + Paracetamol / Acetaminophen (325mg)

How Combiflam Tablet works? 

The 2 components present in Combiflam work together. 

•Ibuprofen works by reducing the hormones that cause pain and inflammation in the body. Due to which the body gets relief from the listed symptoms. 

•Paracetamol works to relieve internal exhaustion by lowering body temperature.

Uses and Benefits of Combiflam Tablet -

Combiflam Tablet is used for the prevention, control, improvement, and treatment of the following conditions, illness or symptoms. But remember, do not use Combiflam Tablet without doctor's advice. 



•Tooth ache 

•Period pain 

•Pain in other parts of the body (ear, waist, joint) 

•Muscle pain 



Side effects of Combiflam Tablet -

The following are side effects from Combiflam Tablet, which may occur due to different body reactions, allergies or taking the wrong dose. Combiflam Tablet does not cause all the same side effects.

•Vomiting and nausea 

•vomit blood 

•Gastric or mouth ulcers 

•Loss of appetite 

•Yellowing of eyes or skin 

•Abnormal blood count 

•stomach pain 




In case of extremely heavy side effects from Combiflam Tablet, discontinue the dose immediately and seek the help of a doctor.

Dosage of Combiflam Tablet -

•The dosage of Combiflam Tablet depends on the person's physical and mental state, age, ongoing medication, and medical reports. Therefore, before starting a prescription of Combiflam Tablet, consult a doctor.

•Half of the dose of this medicine should be used in children as compared to normal adults. During this time, follow the instructions of the pediatrician.

•Avoid taking its dose continuously and do not change the dosage conveniently.

•It is mostly advised to take its dose with water after meals.

•If you accidentally miss your dose according to the daily routine, then to avoid this, avoid taking two tablets simultaneously in the next dose. 

•The tablet should be swallowed whole without breaking, crushing or chewing it.

•Seek immediate medical attention immediately after stopping the dose as soon as you experience the condition of an overdose. 

•If you miss a dose of Combiflam Tablet, take the prescribed dose as soon as possible. If the time for the next dose of Combiflam Tablet is near, do not take the missed dose.

Precautions from Combiflam Tablet -

It is extremely important to know the following precautions before consuming Combiflam Tablet.

When not to take Combiflam:

 Tablet Use of Combiflam Tablet should be avoided if one is having the following disorders and conditions. Because there is an increased risk of side effects. If necessary, take a dose of Combiflam Tablet as soon as you tell your doctor about your condition.


•Skin rash 


•Liver and kidney weakness

React with food:

The information on the reaction of Combiflam Tablet with food is unknown.

Reaction with other medicines:

The following medicines and ingredients should not be used with Combiflam Tablet. This increases the risk of side effects or the drug is unable to show its effect.

Combiflam Tablet







•Sodium nitrite 


Combiflam Tablet Price and Variants -

Combiflam Tablet is also present in other variants in the market. But take care of the doctor before using other variants carefully. The following are the variants of Combiflam Tablet and their price.

Alternatives to Combiflam Tablet -

The following is an alternative to Combiflam Tablet. Which can be used in place of Combiflam Tablet.

•Fenmol Tablet by Rekvina Laboratories Ltd 

•Inflagesic Plus Tablet by Themis Medicare Ltd 

•Flexon Tablet by Aristo Pharma Pvt Ltd •Cincofen Tablet by Kaptab Pharmaceuticals Lupiflam M Tablet by Lupin Ltd 

•Rubigesic P Tablet by Bevit Pharma Ltd

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