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Blood Cancer ,Symptoms Treatment causes

 What is blood cancer, its types and causes

Blood cancer

It is known by all that cancer is an incurable disease and if it is not treated in time, then the person does not survive death and if it is identified and treated in time, cancer can be controlled. Cancer is considered fatal because the disease is not detected initially and until it becomes known, it becomes a challenge to stop it. Some initial symptoms start appearing in a person after cancer, but people do not take them seriously and avoid it.

Why does blood cancer occur? 

There is no set age for getting blood cancer, it can happen at any age. Cancer cells do not allow blood to be formed in the person's body due to bulky cancer, due to which the person starts to lack blood. Along with the blood of the body, cancer also damages a person's bone marrow.

Types of blood cancer 

"Leukemia "

 It is the primary and predominant type of blood cancer, in which the amount of white blood cell is much higher than that of red blood cell. It is usually seen that some people have a gradual onset of leukemia cancer and later It becomes dangerous. Leukemia cancer is of many types and people are unaware of it. There are 4 main types of leukemia cancer:

Acute leukemia:

 When blood and Mauro cells begin to grow and grow rapidly, the same condition is called acute leukemia. These cells rapidly accumulate in the bone marrow.

Chronic leukemia:

 In addition to the rest of the body's cells, when some undeveloped cells are formed in the body, it is called chronic leukemia. Chronic leukemia also increases over time and if left untreated, it can make the condition very serious.

 Lymphocytic Leukemia: 

This is the condition when bone marrow cells begin to turn into white blood cells.

Myelogenous leukemia:

 In addition to red blood cells and white blade cells produced by Mauro cells when plaques are produced, it is called myelogenous leukemia.

Apart from this, there are some other types of blood as well:


When the lymphocyte develops very rapidly in the human body, such a symptom is called lumophoma. It has been seen that it is administered with anorectal drugs and radiation therapy, and has been successful, but if it is ignored, then surgery is the only way to avoid it.


In this type of cancer, a person's plasmas cells are affected, which reduces his immunity, ie in this type of blood cancer, the bones become weak and the person's body is deficient in calcium, Which is constantly decreasing.

What are the initial symptoms? 

The patient affected by blood cancer often feels tired and weak. The reason for this is the lack of red blood cells in the blood of the person and due to this, there is a lack of blood in the person. There is swelling in the stomach of the patient, due to which, there is a feeling of pain in bowel movement, as well as loss of appetite.

Keep in mind that if blood cancer has started, then many types of problems start in the mouth, throat, skin and lungs of the patient. If there is a reduction in weight without exercise or running, then it is also a cause of blood cancer.

Is a symptom. If the cancer has taken place in the body of the patient, the patient may have fever and frequent recurrences. Bones, muscle pains are also an early symptom of blood cancer.

Apart from this, migraine pen complaints have also been seen in many people in the early stage of bulb cancer. Along with this, sudden vomiting or diarrhea, itching of the skin, complaints of spots and swelling of the jaws and bleeding have also been counted among the early signs of bulb cancer.

Treatment of blood cancer

 Any type of cancer, there is definitely a stage in it, such as the first, second and advanced stage. There is a difference between blood cancer and other cancers here. It is important for the doctor to know how the patient grew.

But technology and modern medicine have made it possible. Now such medicines have arrived which can identify its onset. It can be ascertained from which cell the cancer grows and through treatment, that cell itself is destroyed and this modern medicine is called chemotherapy.

Do not be negligent in investigation:

It has often been seen that platelets are reduced in blood cancer and the patient has to offer platelets and there is also a challenge in whether the patient's body is able to accept it or not. Because these platelets are then reduced. If the platelets in the patient are less than 25 thousand, then it is a serious matter. If the platelets in the patients are more than 30 thousand, then there is nothing to worry about at the moment.

One thing to note here is that the machines that are currently being tested for cancer, it is very important to work properly. It has often happened in a country like India that many hospitals do not replace machines even when they are not functioning properly.

One reason for this is also the cost of the machines. Even then there should not be a deal of life The conditions are still fine in government hospitals, but private hospitals often do this negligence, and as a result, the reports are false and the patient's disease keeps on increasing. In such a situation, those patients who have to start treatment on time, still have to be cheated.

This becomes even more serious in blood cancer. If the blood test is not correct, then platelets form lumps in the body and due to this, platelets show more in the count machine. So always remember that whenever a test is done, get it done from a certified lab.

Is blood cancer curable ? 

There are a wide range of blood cancer treatment options available. Treatment of blood cancer usually depends on the type, stages of blood cancer and the age and health status of the patient. The study of these factors in the lab also plays an important role in choosing the form of treatment for blood cancer. Many people prefer to get blood cancer treatment at home. In these cases, nurses are sent to the patient's home for blood cancer care. Here are some common forms of blood cancer treatment in patients.

1) Chemotherapy and radiation

 Chemotherapy is one of the most common treatment methods for blood cancer. This process destroys cells that are growing rapidly in the body. Radiation is used to kill cancer cells.

 2) Blood transfusion 

Another common form of treatment is blood transfusion in which portions of blood are added through procedures to replace some of the deficiencies found in the bloodstream of the body.

3) stem cell transplant

 Stem cells are used to strengthen the body's immune system. Most people are unaware that blood cancer also destroys the body's stem cells and thus weakens the immune system. With the help of the stem cell transplant process, the body's stem cells are transformed and, as a result, the body's immune system is strengthened again. This process is done with the help of donor stem cells.

What are 7 warning signs of cancer?

1)excessive fatigue - 

excessive fat in the body, red blood contains substances which are dangerous. Envisage

2) Unnecessary weight loss - 

suddenly lose weight without any reason, do not ignore it. This can be a warning of colon cancer. Not only this, it can also be responsible for cancer of the digestive system. In addition, there can be unnecessary weight loss, liver cancer symptoms, which affect your appetite, as well as the body's ability to flush out waste materials.

3) Weakness - 

Common weakness and fatigue persist are among the symptoms of many types of cancer. Also, if you feel tired without any reason, even if you are not well after getting enough sleep and rest, do not ignore it at all. Do see a doctor

4) cough and chest pain - 

Prolonged cough and chest pain pose a risk of leukemia as well as several cancers. It can also be a symptom of lung tumors or bronchitis. Chest pain due to lung cancer persists in the shoulders and arms as well.

5) Pain in the hip or abdomen -

 Pain in the hip or lower abdomen is also not common in any way. Swelling, cramps, and uterine cancer can occur in a short period of time when you have abdominal pain. In addition, leukemia can also cause abdominal pain due to enlargement of spleen.

6)Nipple changes - 

A sudden change in the size of the nipple can be the cause of breast cancer. Including nipple flatness or downward or sideward twisting. If this happens, see a doctor immediately.

7) Troubles in periods - 

excessive menstrual pain, and untimely bleeding, can be a symptom of vaginal cancer. In such a situation, you should get a transvaginal ultrasound done with the advice of a doctor.

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