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Black fungus

 How to identify Black Fungus infection, who is the most vulnerable and what is the way to prevent it?

black fungus

Black fungus is a very dangerous infection that used to happen to very few people till now, but in the last few days, it has made covid-19 patients fast victims.

Increasing cases of Black Fungus amid the second wave of Covid-19 have raised concerns. In many parts of the country, many people have died due to this and in Maharashtra only 90 people have died due to this. In such a day, the Central Government has requested the states to declare it an epidemic under the Pandemic Act 1897.

Black fungus  is such a dangerous infection, which has been happening to very few people till now. One in a million had this infection. But during the last few days, this infection has spread very rapidly in patients infected with corona.

This is such a dangerous infection that about half of its victims die. Some such cases have also come to light, in which patients have to be removed even to save their eyes. Most cases of black fungus are coming in diabetic people. In such a situation, they need to be cautious and keep checking their sugar level regularly.

These patients are the most at risk:

• In patients with diabetes who are being given steroids. 

•Patients being treated for cancer. •Patients taking steroids in moderation. •Corona infected who are on oxygen support through oxygen masks or ventilators.

•Patients whose immunity is very low. 

•Patients who have been transplanted to  an organ.

These symptoms can be caused by black fungus:

Dr. Shweta Budayal, Senior Consultant Endocrinologist at Fortis Hospital in Mulund, told the Indian Express that black fungus usually affects the sinuses, brain and lungs. However, according to Budyal, oral cavity or brain is most likely to be affected by black fungus.

But in many cases it can also affect other parts of the body such as the gastrointestinal tract, skin and other organ systems of the body. According to Dr. Budyal, if any of these symptoms are there, then black fungus should be examined.

👉Nasal congestion or bleeding from the nose or something black.

👉Pain in cheek bones, face pain,  numbness or swelling on one side.

👉Darkening of the upper surface of the nose. 

👉Loose teeth Eye pain, blurred or double vision.

👉Swelling around the eyes. 

👉Thrombosis, necrotic lesions Chest pain or difficulty in breathing

Cases of black fungus increasing in corona infections :

Cases of corona infection have increased rapidly in many parts of the country and in the meantime, cases of black fungus have also started increasing.

Speaking to Financial Express Online, Dr. Uday Phadke, Director (Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes) and Endocrinologist and Diabetologist of Pune-based Sahyadri Hospitals said that one or two cases of black fungus used to occur in the first year, but now only in Pune's Sahyadri Hospitals. 30-35 cases are coming in a month. That means one case every day.

Cases of black fungus are increasing due to these reasons :

•According to Dr. Shweta, steroids are being used in the treatment of corona, due to which the level of sugar is increasing. The possibility of infection of black fungus increases if the sugar level increases and there is no physical activity.

•The use of steroids reduces the body's immunity, causing the body's immune system to function effectively against black fungus.

•According to Dr. V Mohan, Chief Consultant and Chairman of Diabetes Specialties Center, Chennai, besides diabetes, cases of black fungus are also increasing due to hygiene and contaminated equipment. Dr. Mohan says that corona cases are coming up so much that hygiene is not being given much attention in hospitals. Due to this, there is a possibility of accumulation of fungus on the equipment.

Risks of black fungus (mucoomycosis): You may have several serious risks due to black fungus. like- 

1. Loss of your eyesight

2. Nerve damage 

3. blood clots in the veins becoming clogged or veins obstructed Due to lack of timely treatment, this infection can prove to be fatal. Therefore, if you fall in the list of apprehensive patients, immediately consult the doctor without delaying the appearance of apprehensive symptoms.

Preventive measures:

 Dr. Trehan said that the sooner we identify this disease, the more successful its treatment will be. At the same time, Dr. Guleria said that three things are very important for the prevention of black fungus. The first sugar control should be very good, the second one should be careful when we give steroids and the third should give a mild or moderate dose of steroids.

👉1. Sugar Control- Do not let the sugar level in the blood increase. People who are diabetic should make an extra effort to control their blood sugar.

Those who are not diabetic, but are taking steroids regularly should always check their blood sugar.

👉2. Strict adherence to steroid guidelines - We have issued guidelines regarding steroid administration. According to him, steroid should be given.

👉3. Avoiding inappropriate use of steroids - Avoid giving steroids. If needed, give less dose and not too much. Other medicines like this should also be given only when necessary.

How dangerous, what is the treatment:

black fungus

 Doctor Trehan said, "It enters the body through the nose or mouth. In the second stage it affects the eye and in the third stage it attacks the brain." Medicines have to be taken for four to six weeks. In severe cases, treatment lasts for three months.


According to a statement released by the company, MSN has introduced tablets in 100 mg and injections of 300 mg capacity from the brand name PosaOne. It has been found to be effective in treating patients suffering from black fungus. Posa One has received approval from the Indian Drug Control DCGI.

How much does PosaOne cost?

According to the company, in the treatment of black fungus, the price per tablet of Kaggar Posavan is Rs 600. However, the company has kept the price of Rs 8500 per injection. The company says that this is the result of MSN's research and manufacturing capability in the field of anti-fungal drugs. The company has now set a target of making it accessible to patients across the country through its strong distribution network.

As a part of the covid treatment range, MSN has already launched Favilo (Favipiravir) in a measurement of 200mg, 400mg and 800mg and Oslo (Oseltamivir) in 75mg capsule and licensed baridose (baricetinib) with alai lily.

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