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How to lose weight

Today, obesity is the biggest of the diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyle. The disease has become an epidemic all over the world. Many people in The World suffer from obesity. Due to obesity, many types of troubles start in the body. When troubles start increasing, people start looking for ways to reduce fatty weight. Many times people are unable to lose weight due to lack of proper information.

Here are several home remedies and tips  for weight loss. You can reduce your weight by taking these effective measures.


 Excessive amount of fat accumulates in the body of people who are overweight. It is slowly occurring in the body due to wrong routines, pollution and indigestion. Weight gain increases for two reasons, which is- 
Unhealthy Food and Drinks
• Loss of physical mobility


What should be the proper weight of a person, this is BMI. it depends on. BMI Depends on two things: - 
 You can check your weight from BMI. BMI This formula of - Weight (in kg) / height (in meters) 2.

•If your BMI is less than 18.5 then you will be considered underweight. 
•If your BMI is between 18.5 to 24.9 then your weight will be considered normal. •Similarly BMIs ranging from 25 to 029.9 Being overweight is considered. 
•BMI of over 30 Being obese is called obesity. 
•BMI during pregnancy The limit of does not apply. 
•BMI Does not depend on age and gender.


To get rid of obesity, your lifestyle should be like this:
☆ Get up in the morning and go for a walk, and exercise. 
☆Eating should be taken two hours before bedtime. 
☆Dinner should be light and easy to digest.
☆Eat a balanced and low fat diet. 
☆Include nutrients in the diet plan for weight loss. 
☆Instead of overeating together, something digestible and light should be eaten in a short time. 
☆Your food should contain green vegetables, fruits, curd, buttermilk, peeled pulses and nuts. 
☆Fasting should be taken once a week, while consuming fruit juices and lukewarm water.
☆Never skip meals to lose weight. ☆Instead, eat a balanced diet and exercise. 
☆Eating a balanced diet does not increase weight and keeps a person healthy.
☆ Never miss food. Must eat food thrice a day. 
☆If you skip any one of the three meals, then the result is that you consume more food in the next meal and this leads to weight gain.
☆Do have breakfast. The body needs energy to do physical activities throughout the day, which is not possible without breakfast. 
☆Walk fast 4-5 km daily in the morning and after 10 minutes, sit in a chair and drink lukewarm water. This method is most effective in weight loss home remedies.


To get rid of obesity, you have to avoid these:
Eat as little as possible of sugar, salt and  Fast food


 Food and beverages that increase phlegm should not be consumed. Rich carbohydrate foods such as rice, potatoes, vegetables etc., sweets, sweetened beverages, cold drinks, fried foods, fast food, junk food, processed food, chocolate, cheese, butter, cheese, fish, poultry, meat, etc. , Soda, they all increase the phlegm and Fat 


Make easy-to-achieve goals: Once you have decided that you want to lose weight, make your goal such that it can be easily achieved. By following the goal, you will be able to execute it and soon your weight will start decreasing.

First of all, understand what is the relation between fat and calories.
 (1) The excessive weight in your body is due to fat
 (2) 1 pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories and 1 kg of fat is equal to 7700 calories. This means that if you want to lose 1 kg of weight in 1 month, then you have to consume n times the calories of 7700 (where n means the number of kilos you want to consume). According to this, the calories you have to decrease every day are = 7700/30 which is 256 calories.
By reducing these calories daily, you can lose one kilo of weight in a month. If you do not see the right result, do not panic. It takes a little time to lose weight through natural methods, because for this you have to adopt new, healthy habits.


Try to increase your muscles. Because the fat increases due to the increase in muscle mass, which also consumes calories. For example, there are 2 cars on the round, one is 1200 cc and the other 2000 cc engine, so the engine whose engine is bigger, they spend more petrol on the same road than other vehicles. The same happens with our body.
The body which has more muscles will consume calories even at bedtime. You do not have to do this to spend hours in the gym, you can lose weight even if you do small things like walking to the shop or doing a morning walk. 


how weigh lose without exercise

Analyze your eating and drinking habits. You may not know how much you eat in a day. If you want to lose weight without dieting, then you just need to make a slight change. By eating wisely and eating a healthy and balanced diet, you can lose weight easily. Safe weight loss does not mean stop eating, it can cause great harm to your body.


It is better to eat 3 to 5 meals a few times than 5-6 times. By doing this, the metabolism of the body increases and it is easy for you to achieve your goal. Always have breakfast. Do not leave food for any time, it will not make you thin, it will damage the body. If you do not eat breakfast, your body will accumulate more calories and it will force you to eat more food during the afternoon and dinner.
Start your meal with a soup or salad. This way you will eat less calorie food and when your main meal comes, you will eat it less because your stomach is already full.


diet plan for weight lose

To get rid of obesity, wake up in the morning and drink 1-2 glasses of lukewarm water on an empty stomach before cleaning your teeth (without rinse). Drink Aloe Vera juice before breakfast. Along with this, follow this diet chart to reduce obesity.

Time Diet Plan (Vegetarianism) 
Morning (9: 00-9: 30AM)  
 1 cup low milk divine drink / fresh vegetable salad like- tomato etc. / fruit salad /  oatmeal / sprouted grains Lunch 
(1: 00-2: 00 PM) 
2-3 cucumber, cucumber, sprouted grains (gram, moong) or green salad 2 small rotis, 1 cup boiled with green vegetables and buttermilk, small bowl rice + lentils

Dinner (7: 00-8: 00 Pm)
 soup (tomato, spinach) or sweet corn and papad can be taken + 1 small bowl of vegetable and bread

Advice: If you have unbearable hunger, take (30 ml) carrot juice, cucumber, orange, or sprouted gram.


If you are not troubled by obesity, then you will definitely be upset with your enlarged stomach. Should also be, because an enlarged stomach also gives you many health related problems, and also spoils your figure. But never mind, these 5 tips can help you reduce stomach 

1 Eat a little - 
If you believe in eating more than one meal at a time, and you are used to it, then change this habit. Divide your diet into 2 or 3 portions, and eat a little every two or three hours. This will keep your stomach full, your energy level will also remain and stomach fatness will also be reduced.

2 Hot water -
 Drinking warm water on an empty stomach in the morning will be very beneficial to reduce stomach. This will reduce the fat stored in the stomach gradually. Apart from this, if you drink lemon and honey in hot water, then it will prove more beneficial. Not only this, drinking it daily will also make you feel refreshed and energetic.

3 Morning walk -
 Walking, jogging or doing abdominal exercises in the morning is an excellent option to reduce belly fat. This will reduce fat gradually and your digestive system will also improve. Also, the energy level will remain in the body throughout the day.

4 Exercise - exercise reduces your body as well as mental troubles. exercise is the best option  to reduce enlarged belly. With this, the way the fat will be reduced, you will be able to see and feel this change yourself. 
5 Do not eat late at night
Eating late at night is also a major cause of increased abdominal fat. Always have dinner 2 hours before bedtime. Apart from this, if you want to eat some light snacks in dinner. If you take some time out for a walk after eating food, then it will be icing on the cake.


The content given in this article is not intended to be used or replaced by any kind of professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment. Before starting, stopping, or changing any of your health treatments, consult your doctor or a qualified health care professional.

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