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Black fungus

मई 26, 2021
 How to identify Black Fungus infection, who is the most vulnerable and what is the way to prevent it? Black fungus is a very dangerous infe...

Combiflam Tablet

मई 26, 2021
 Combiflam Tablet: uses, disadvantages, dosage, benefits, components, side effects, price | Combiflam Tablet Composition::  Ibuprofen (400mg...

Skin cancer

मई 24, 2021
Skin cancer What is skin cancer  The abnormal growth of skin cells is called skin cancer, which often occurs in skin exposed to sunlight. Bu...

Best Fever Tablet

मई 23, 2021
Best Tablet For Fever Headache Cold   People usually take fever very lightly. Because it is cured by taking fever medicine for a day or two...
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